Whirling together spatialized sound, movement, and imagery in an intermedia performance on history's endless rotation, EVERYWHEN orbits around two sides of life - the personal and the political.

An often caring, gentle and well-meaning personal life is contrasted here with the reality of the social individual, who can often be sinister, vengeful and hateful. But how can we be critical to our own worldviews when they are created by those closest to us?

A woman as a loving mother who also promotes murder and slavery; a loving couple involved in the propaganda of a perverse ideology; kids that give a fascist salute as if in play. Something is wrong in these scenes. Images of everyday families, mums, and dads with their children, tiny groups of people, close to each other, face to face with the threat of history repeating itself.

Our memories often surface suddenly, changed, idealized, and sometimes they even erase themselves spontaneously. By leaving out key events and rewriting history a barrier is built between the new generation and older people, and this makes it too easy for history to repeat itself. 

“EVERYWHEN is the alternative room to which the viewer is invited, and this space is best located when he submits any thoughts during the performance and is more like meditation.” OperaPlus


dance, concept: Sona Feriencíková
visuals, concept: Mária Júdová
sound, concept: Alexandra Timpau

light design: Ints Plavnieks
movement cooperation: Martina Hajdyla Lacová
visual tech support: Andrej BoleslavskýConstantine Nisidis
sound tech support: Sara Pinheiro, Matej Šenkyrík
costume collaboration: Daniela Danielis
production: BOD.Y

"An elaborate performance questioning how difficult it is to be critical of your belief system when its being framed by your loved ones." Full Moon Magazine